Today, we demand high-performance products that are pleasant to use on our skin, and this is now possible with new-generation natural ingredients. Natural goes beyond chemical!

We are now able to formulate natural cosmetics that have nothing to envy those of the conventional industry, with their silicones, colorants, perfumes and other materials that are toxic to our health. Powerful, innovative natural active ingredients are now used in the composition of the most effective natural cosmetics. We call them "super ingredients".

Quite simply, we are emerging from the chemical age, which has for some time now been demonstrating its limitations and perverse effects on our health and the environment.

What we didn't realize is that nature is full of common sense, and that it manufactures molecules that are destined for life.

Our skin is built up from the molecules we absorb in our food, just like the rest of our body. We don't eat kerosene (petroleum) or silicones (sand), which are used in conventional cosmetics. That was the reign of the inert!

For some time now, we've been using and promoting plant oils from all over the world, powerful essential oils, macerations of plants and flowers in oil, supercritical Co2 extraction, hydrolats and concentrated plant extracts.

Today, we have access to fabulous natural emulsifiers and texturizers to create creams, serums and gels with fine, pleasant-to-use textures.

Technology in the service of natural cosmetics is booming, offering us new-generation, highly effective natural ingredients.

Plants, flowers, mushrooms, algae, in various forms, enzymes, probiotics, dehydrasomes, liposomes, plant stem cells, biotechnology... Many of Synergie's products contain these new ingredients.

We've come a long way from natural creams that didn't spread properly and didn't penetrate the skin.

The future is natural!

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