What are plant stem cells?

Some plants undergo multiple variations over time due to their environment. This has given them fascinating lessons in adaptability. They can survive in the most hostile environments. This power is concentrated in their stem cells.

Stem cells are 100% active, as they contain within their cells all the plant's regenerative and protective elements. Stem cells are totipotent. This means they can transform into any specialized cell and reform the entire plant. These cells thus concentrate all the regenerative, protective and antioxidant potential of the plant from which they are extracted. What's more, it's a highly sustainable way of manufacturing raw materials that conserves resources. Only a small plant sample (e.g. a few berries) is needed to produce plant stem cells. The rest of the manufacturing process is based on these stem cells. 

The action of plant stem cells in cosmetics

Compared to simple plant « extracts » , stem cells demonstrate 100% superior activity. This incredible power makes them the future of cosmetics. They extend and protect the life of human skin cells, slow down the ageing of essential cells, and exert a powerful regenerating, smoothing and antioxidant effect. Rare cells harvested from the very heart of a plant, plant stem cells display surprising qualities and are capable of providing a prodigious boost of youthfulness.

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